Covid-19 Enhances Creativity

Hello, Amidst the Corona Virus aka Covid-19 Pandemic I have decided to relaunch my blog. Considering this is my first one let me fill you in on what you can expect from this blog. You will find two types of blog from me: Photograpphy and Personal.

Photography: Aside from working as a Functional Consultant who specializes in Government Contracting, I take photos. I doubt you want to spend your time reading about my day-to-day desk job so let's talk photos. I will post about my personal experiences, shooting tips and tricks, editing advice and much more! Essentially, if it has to do with photography and I have something to say you will find it here.

Personal: For thoses of you reading this that personally know me, know that I tend to talk A LOT. What does this mean for my blog? This means that I will also spend time talking to you all about things that are important to me outside of photography. Now I can't promise that photography will not peek it's head into these blogs, but it won't be the main focus. A prime example would be the blog that I will be writing shortly about the power of positivity.

We are in a dark and uncertain time not only as creatives, but simply as humans. Our typical life has been shaken up and throw on the ground as if we were Yatzee dice. I have sen many people push themselves creatively over the last few weeks and I have decided to follow suit. If this is the first interaction I am having with you, Welcome and thank you for joining my incredible group of supporters! If you are already a member of this incredible group of people welcome to my blog! Below I am going to put some information about how to submit requests for a blog post. Blog Request Submission: Email: -Subject = "Please write a blog about - (insert topic)"

-Send to: Instagram: I can be reached fairly easily on IG via DM to @mcarterphotos - *I would not be mad if you followed me in the process hahah*

I will end this blog and other with a question.......

Has Corona Virus pushed you to be more creative?

Connect with you soon, Marcus