Five Fun Facts About Me:

  1. Outside of photography, I work as an IT Project Manager
  2. I am 100% Self-Taught (Thanks to YouTube)
  3. Very good bowler (high game 285)
  4. I love to try new foods and craft cocktails
  5. My amazing wife is from Normandy, France

How Did I Get Here?

I try to take these pictures things with this time-freezing device that some call a "camera". I'm just teasing don't click away, I know how to use a camera! My first camera purchase was in college (Nikon D5500) and after about a year of having people push me to pursure photography as more than a hobby, I finally listened.

One day after work I came home freshly equipped with a new camera, two lenses, a new laptop, zero experience, and about $2k of new debt. Yes, in other words, I invested heavily in an art form I knew very little about with very little experience. I spent countless nights awake studying, trying to teach myself as much as I could about photography. Whether it was camera function, editing, marketing, shooting techniques, or researching concept ideas, I loved each minute of it! I am proud to say that I am a graduate of YouTube Academy. Fast forward to today still fueled by my passion for photography, here I am writing this bio in hopes of working with you!  

Over the years I have had my share of hard lessons and low points. However, those get quickly forgotten about each time an opportunity to work with a new person, couple, or family presents itself! 

If you want to have your photo taken by a self-taught, hard-working, humble, and transparent individual then I think I fit the bill. I would have added funny to the list, but I have found that's subjective clearly or I'd be on Netflix right?

Can't Wait To Work With You!

Hey There I'm Marcus Carter! Lead Photographer and Owner of M. Carter Photography!